Archive of Announcements / Upcoming Events
Proposal Cycle A08 (for legacy observation programmes) is now open (26 Apr, 2019 to 27 May, 2019, 08:30 Hrs UT/14:00 Hrs IST). Click here for submission.
Posted on: 26-04-2019
Proposal Cycle A07 is now open (08 Mar, 2019 to 23 Apr, 2019). Click here for submission.
Posted on: 08-03-2019
Research proposals are invited towards utilization of AstroSat archival data for limited financial support. Check details
Posted on: 13-11-2018
Target of Opportunity (ToO) proposal cycle T03 is open. Check details
Posted on: 01-10-2018
Third year of Mars Orbiter Mission in-orbit data released on 26 Sep, 2018. To access the online archive with the latest released data of duration from 24 Sep, 2014 to 23 Sep, 2017, click here.
Posted on: 26-09-2018
Astrosat data after lock-in period released. Access Astrobrowse to download.
Posted on: 26-09-2018
Updated Downloadable version of Astroviewer is available for both 32 and 62 bit Linux versions. You may also use the latest downloadable version for generating the astroviewer output during proposal submission.
Posted on: 06-04-2018
Publications : A review article on "AstroSat -- Indian Multiwavelength Astronomy Satellite to View the Invisible Universe" by Prof. P.C.Agrawal. Click here to read
Posted on: 03-05-2017